The Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa: Everything You Need

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With its rich cultural tapestry and thriving economy, the Netherlands presents a unique opportunity for digital nomads seeking to blend work and travel. The introduction of the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa marks a significant step forward for professionals who aspire to explore this vibrant country while continuing their remote work endeavors.

This visa not only opens the door to the scenic landscapes and bustling cities of the Netherlands but also integrates the nomadic workforce into its innovative and diverse economy.

Understanding the nuances of the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa is essential for those looking to capitalize on this opportunity. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the eligibility criteria, application process, and the multitude of benefits that come with holding such a visa.

Whether you're an entrepreneur with a vision that aligns with the Dutch spirit of innovation or a freelancer looking to expand your horizons, this visa could be your gateway to a fulfilling professional and personal experience in the heart of Europe.

What is the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa?

 What is the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa?

The Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa, in essence, is a form of the long-stay or MVV Visa tailored for independent workers who wish to live and work remotely in the Netherlands. While the country does not offer a specific visa under the ‘digital nomad' label, the self-employed residence permit serves as a viable alternative.

It caters to the growing trend of remote work, allowing digital nomads to legally reside in the Netherlands and contribute to its economy through their entrepreneurial endeavors or freelance projects.

Eligibility for this visa hinges on a unique set of criteria, including a scoring system that evaluates applicants based on their business plan, experience, and potential value to the Dutch market. It's designed to attract skilled professionals who are capable of thriving in the Netherlands' progressive business landscape.

By securing this visa, digital nomads can enjoy the flexibility of working from various locations within the country, tapping into a lifestyle that harmonizes productivity with exploration.

Eligibility requirements for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

The Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

Proof of income

Central to the eligibility requirements for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa is the proof of income, which reassures the Dutch authorities of your financial independence. Applicants must demonstrate a stable and sufficient income from remote work or business activities.

For self-employed individuals, the current income threshold is set at approximately 1300 € ($1450) gross per month, including holiday allowance. This figure is a baseline and may vary, so it's crucial to stay informed about the latest income requirements.

Additionally, under specific agreements like the DAFT or the Dutch-Japanese trade treaty, the income criteria can be as high as 4500 € ($5000) per month. By providing bank statements, contracts, or other financial documents, digital nomads can substantiate their economic stability and fulfill a key component of the visa application process.

Moreover, it's important to note that the proof of income is not just a one-time verification but an ongoing requirement throughout your stay in the Netherlands. This ensures that digital nomads continue to meet the financial standards set by the Dutch government, maintaining their eligibility for the duration of their visa.

By meeting these income requirements, digital nomads can secure their place in the Netherlands' dynamic work culture, contributing to and benefiting from one of the world's most open and innovative economies.

Health insurance

health insurance digital nomad

Equally critical to the application for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa is securing comprehensive health insurance coverage. Applicants must have valid health insurance that extends throughout their stay, safeguarding against any medical contingencies.

This requirement underscores the importance the Dutch government places on the well-being of its residents, ensuring that digital nomads have access to the necessary healthcare services without imposing a burden on the national system. It's imperative to provide proof of such insurance when applying, as it forms a fundamental part of the visa approval process.

Having the right health insurance not only meets the visa stipulations but also provides peace of mind, allowing digital nomads to focus on their professional pursuits within the Netherlands. The coverage should be thorough, covering general medical care, emergency services, and possibly repatriation, depending on individual circumstances. It's advisable to review and choose a policy that aligns with both the Dutch legal requirements and your personal healthcare needs, ensuring a worry-free stay as you navigate the vibrant Dutch lifestyle and work environment.

Clear criminal record

Ensuring a clear criminal record is another pivotal step in securing the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa. Applicants are required to sign an antecedents certificate, which serves as a declaration of no criminal record and affirms that they do not pose a threat to public order or national security.

This certificate of good conduct must be obtained from the applicant's country of residence and is a testament to their credibility and trustworthiness as a future resident of the Netherlands.

The necessity of a clean criminal history is not only a formality but a reflection of the Netherlands' commitment to maintaining a safe and secure society. As such, digital nomads must be diligent in providing this documentation, which is integral to the application process.

By presenting a clean slate, applicants can move forward confidently, knowing they have met yet another essential criterion for their Dutch adventure.

Valid passport

Following the fulfillment of health insurance and criminal record requirements, a valid passport remains a cornerstone document for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa application. It is imperative that applicants possess a passport that remains valid for at least six months beyond the date of their visa application.

This ensures that digital nomads can enter and exit the country without any legal impediments during their stay, aligning with international travel regulations.

A valid passport not only serves as proof of identity but also as a key to unlocking the rich cultural experiences the Netherlands offers. It is essential to check the passport's expiration date before applying and renew it if necessary to avoid any complications in the visa process. With a valid passport in hand, digital nomads are one step closer to embracing the freedom and opportunities that come with the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa.

Application process for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

 Application process for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

Required documents

Transitioning to the practicalities of the application, the required documents for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa are crucial and must be meticulously prepared. A comprehensive list includes a valid passport, a duly completed and signed application form, and the antecedents certificate. These documents are the bedrock of your application, ensuring that your identity, legal standing, and intent are clearly communicated to the Dutch authorities.

Moreover, applicants should be ready to digitize these documents for upload onto the application platform, a step that streamlines the process for both the applicant and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). It's important to remember that any oversight in document preparation can lead to delays or rejection, so attention to detail is paramount. With the right documents in order, applicants can proceed with confidence, knowing they have laid a solid foundation for their digital nomad journey in the Netherlands.

Application fees

When it comes to the financial aspect of the application, understanding the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa fees is essential. Applicants are required to pay a standard application fee, which can range from €210 to €400, depending on individual circumstances.

This fee is a necessary investment in securing the legal right to work and reside in the Netherlands as a digital nomad. Additionally, there may be other costs to consider, such as legal fees, document translation, and the mandatory health insurance coverage, all of which contribute to the overall expense of the visa process.

It's also important to note that for specific agreements like the DAFT or the Dutch-Japanese trade treaty, the application fee can be as high as €1,444. Furthermore, applicants aged 18-65 must account for the €150 cost of the civic integration exam, a prerequisite for the visa. By preparing for these financial requirements in advance, digital nomads can ensure a smoother application process, avoiding any unexpected hurdles that could impede their path to a professional life in the Netherlands.

Processing time

digital nomad in the netherlands

After submitting the application and settling the fees, the processing time for the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa becomes the next focal point. The IND endeavors to process applications within a 90-day window, although this period may extend if the application is incomplete or if additional documentation is required.

Applicants should be prepared for this waiting period and use the time to ensure all their affairs are in order, as any missing or incorrect information can further delay the process. It's a period of anticipation, but also an opportunity to plan for the exciting transition ahead.

Once the application is under review, applicants must patiently await the decision. The IND's response time is a standard part of the visa journey, and it's crucial to remain informed about the status of the application. Should the visa be granted, the applicant will be notified on where and when to collect their residence permit.

In the event of a denial, there is an option to request a review of the decision. Understanding these timelines and procedures ensures that applicants are well-prepared for the various outcomes of their Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa application.

Benefits of the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

The Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa

Freedom to work remotely in the Netherlands

The freedom to work remotely in the Netherlands is a significant advantage of the Digital Nomad Visa, or more accurately, the self-employed residence permit. This flexibility allows professionals to choose their work environment, whether it's from the comfort of a Dutch home, a bustling café, or a collaborative coworking space.

The Netherlands' exceptional digital infrastructure and the abundance of digital banking options facilitate seamless remote work, ensuring that digital nomads can maintain productivity while enjoying the high quality of life the country offers. With the ability to work from various locations, digital nomads are empowered to integrate work with travel, exploring the vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands.

Moreover, the opportunity to network within the country's diverse professional community is invaluable. The presence of a robust and supportive ecosystem for freelancers and entrepreneurs means that digital nomads can connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

This not only enhances their work experience but also contributes to their personal growth and professional development. The Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa opens the door to a unique lifestyle that combines the freedom of remote work with the cultural richness and innovation that the Netherlands is known for.

Access to healthcare and social security

Securing the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa also grants access to the country's renowned healthcare system and social security benefits. This is a pivotal aspect for digital nomads, as it ensures peace of mind when it comes to health and well-being.

Applicants must have valid health insurance coverage to meet the visa requirements, which then allows them to receive medical care on par with Dutch residents. The assurance of quality healthcare services is a cornerstone of the Dutch lifestyle, and as a digital nomad, you'll be able to tap into this high standard of care without concern.

In addition to healthcare, the visa holders may be eligible for certain social security benefits, depending on their length of stay and contributions. The Netherlands' social security system is designed to provide support in various life circumstances, including sickness and unemployment.

While the specifics of eligibility can vary, the potential access to these benefits further underscores the Netherlands' commitment to fostering a secure and supportive environment for digital nomads. This comprehensive social safety net complements the professional freedom afforded by the visa, making the Netherlands an even more attractive destination for remote workers worldwide.

Possibility of permanent residency

living in the netherlands

One of the most compelling long-term benefits of the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa is the possibility of permanent residency. For those who have embraced the Dutch way of life and wish to make the Netherlands their long-term home, this visa can be a stepping stone towards that goal.

After a period of continuous residence, digital nomads may have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency, subject to meeting certain criteria such as integration into Dutch society and language proficiency. This prospect of permanence adds a layer of future security for digital nomads who find their professional and personal fulfillment in the dynamic and innovative environment of the Netherlands.

It's important to note that the path to permanent residency will require a commitment to the Netherlands beyond the professional sphere. Integrating into the local community, understanding Dutch cultural norms, and contributing to the economy are all factors that can influence the potential for making the Netherlands a permanent home.

The journey from a digital nomad to a permanent resident is one that offers the chance to fully immerse oneself in the rich experiences and opportunities that the Netherlands provides, making it an enticing option for those looking to settle in a country that values innovation, diversity, and quality of life.

Best destinations for digital nomads in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a well-connected and tech-savvy country, making it a great destination for digital nomads. Here are some of the best locations for digital nomads in the Netherlands:

  1. Amsterdam:
    • The capital city is a major European tech hub with a vibrant startup scene.
    • It offers numerous coworking spaces, cafes with free Wi-Fi, and a dynamic atmosphere.
    • Amsterdam is known for its cultural richness, canals, and international community.
  2. Utrecht:
    • A city with a medieval center and a lively cultural scene, Utrecht is also a hub for startups.
    • It has a range of coworking spaces and a more relaxed pace compared to Amsterdam.
  3. Rotterdam:
    • Known for its modern architecture and diverse cultural offerings, Rotterdam is a growing business and tech center.
    • The city has several coworking spaces and a creative vibe.
  4. The Hague (Den Haag):
    • As the political center of the Netherlands, The Hague has a sophisticated atmosphere.
    • It offers coworking spaces and a mix of historic and modern surroundings.
  5. Eindhoven:
    • Often referred to as the “City of Technology,” Eindhoven is a technology and design hub.
    • It has a collaborative atmosphere, coworking spaces, and is known for its innovation.
  6. Haarlem:
    • A picturesque city close to Amsterdam, Haarlem has a historic center and a more relaxed atmosphere.
    • It provides a peaceful environment for remote work.
  7. Groningen:
    • With a youthful and lively vibe due to its student population, Groningen has a growing startup ecosystem.
    • It offers coworking spaces and a mix of cultural events.
  8. Maastricht:
    • Located in the southern part of the Netherlands, Maastricht has a charming old town and a diverse international community.
    • It provides a more tranquil setting for digital nomads.

When choosing a location as a digital nomad in the Netherlands, consider factors such as the availability of coworking spaces, internet connectivity, cost of living, and the overall lifestyle and atmosphere that align with your preferences. The Netherlands is a relatively small country with an excellent public transportation system, making it easy to explore different cities and regions.



In conclusion, the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa stands out as a gateway to a balanced lifestyle, blending professional flexibility with social security and the potential for long-term residency. The visa's comprehensive benefits package, including access to top-tier healthcare and a robust social safety net, reflects the country's dedication to supporting those who choose to work remotely within its borders.

For digital nomads seeking a destination that not only accommodates but also enriches their way of life, the Netherlands offers an unparalleled blend of innovation, community, and security. With the added prospect of eventually calling this vibrant nation home, the Netherlands Digital Nomad Visa is more than just a permit; it's an invitation to a future filled with possibilities.



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    Working as a digital nomad in the Netherlands People from the EEA and Switserland can work here remotely for 3 months without needing a permit. People from outside the EEA and Switzerland often need a work permit (if less than 3 months) or a residence and work permit (if longer than 3 months).

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