Clickbank vs CJ: Which Affiliate Platform Reigns Supreme?


Clickbank vs CJ stand out as premier affiliate programs for digital nomads due to their robust commission structures and diverse product selections.

Clickbank, known for its high commission rates, often offers 50% to 70% or more, making it an attractive platform for affiliates looking to maximize their earnings.

This performance-based model is particularly appealing to those who run large-scale paid media campaigns or manage significant email lists, as

Clickbank processes each transaction and ensures timely distribution of funds to all parties involved, including affiliates (source).

On the other hand, CJ, with its ecommerce focus, provides a wide range of products and advertisers, offering commissions typically between 10-30%. This variety caters to affiliates who prefer a broader spectrum of physical goods and services to promote.

Both platforms are renowned for their reliable payment systems, with Clickbank boasting a record of never missing a payment and offering payouts up to twice weekly, while CJ maintains a low payout threshold, ensuring that digital nomads have consistent cash flow regardless of their location (source).

In today's article, Digital Nomad Site will compare Clickbank vs CJ so that you have a better grasp in choosing the right affiliate marketing platform for your nomadic lifestyle!

Commission Structure


Clickbank vs CJ

When it comes to the commission structure, Clickbank sets itself apart by offering some of the most lucrative rates in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliates can earn commissions as high as 90%, with a standard rate hovering around 70%.

This is due to Clickbank's focus on performance affiliate marketing, where the emphasis is on direct response and high conversion rates. The platform's ability to process transactions as the merchant of record adds a layer of transparency and reliability that is highly valued by affiliates, ensuring that they are compensated fairly and promptly for their marketing efforts (source).

Moreover, Clickbank's commission model is versatile, offering both revenue share (RevShare) and cost-per-action (CPA) options. This flexibility allows affiliates to choose the best commission type for their marketing strategy, whether they're focused on generating sales or specific actions.

With Clickbank's commitment to high commissions and a transparent payment process, it's no wonder that the platform is a top choice for affiliates looking to maximize their earning potential (source).


Transitioning to CJ's commission structure, affiliates encounter a different landscape. CJ Affiliate by Conversant operates primarily on a CPA basis, supporting a variety of actions such as pay per sale, lead, call, or click. This model offers flexibility and caters to a diverse range of promotional methods, from websites and social accounts to email lists and paid media.

Commissions on CJ typically range from 2% to 30%, reflecting the platform's broad ecommerce focus and its appeal to content publishers who may have a more varied audience (source).

Furthermore, CJ's payment structure is designed to accommodate the different needs of its affiliates, with a payout threshold of $50 for direct deposit or $100 for a check. This, combined with the requirement for manual approval by advertisers, ensures that affiliates are matched with products that align with their promotional strategies, fostering a more curated marketing experience.

Despite the lower commission rates compared to Clickbank, CJ's expansive network and market presence make it a formidable choice for affiliates who prioritize a wide selection and strategic partnerships (source).

Product Selection


Clickbank's product selection is a treasure trove for affiliates, particularly those in the digital nomad community who value flexibility and a wide array of options. The platform specializes in digital products, which often come with higher commission rates due to lower overhead costs.

This aligns perfectly with the needs of affiliates who are looking for products that are not only profitable but also capable of being sold globally without shipping constraints. Clickbank's marketplace is filled with a variety of niches, from health and fitness to business and marketing, providing affiliates with the opportunity to find offers that resonate with their specific audience (source).

Additionally, Clickbank is known for its emphasis on high-converting offers, including products with recurring billing and upsell options. This approach not only enhances the potential for higher earnings but also creates a steady stream of income for affiliates who successfully promote these offers.

With Clickbank's robust tracking and reporting tools, affiliates can optimize their campaigns for maximum performance, making the platform an all-in-one solution for those serious about affiliate marketing success (source).


When it comes to product selection, CJ Affiliate by Conversant stands out with its vast and varied inventory, catering to affiliates who seek a wide-ranging selection. The network's strength lies in its extensive reach across multiple categories, including Computers Electronics & Technology, Travel & Tourism, Lifestyle, and Arts & Entertainment, among others.

This diversity is a significant draw for affiliates who aim to target different market segments or wish to diversify their promotional efforts. CJ's large-scale presence is evident as it leads in market share and usage coverage in numerous website categories, providing affiliates with ample opportunities to find suitable products to promote to their audience (source).

Moreover, the platform's structure requires affiliates to have an established web property or consistent promotional method, ensuring that advertisers connect with experienced marketers. This focus on quality and strategic alignment between products and promoters is further enhanced by CJ's manual approval process, which aims to create meaningful partnerships that drive performance.

While Clickbank may offer instant promotion for many of its products, CJ's approach to product selection is more personalized, fostering relationships that can lead to intelligent, scalable, and sustainable growth for both affiliates and advertisers (source).

Payment Options


Transitioning seamlessly from product selection to payment options, Clickbank ensures that affiliates enjoy a streamlined and reliable payment process. Recognized for its regular and dependable payouts, Clickbank offers a significant advantage for digital nomads who prioritize financial stability while on the move.

The platform operates with unlimited processing caps, which means affiliates can rest assured that their earnings are not capped, regardless of the volume of sales they generate. This is particularly beneficial for those who experience high-traffic days or promote offers that result in large volumes of transactions (source).

Furthermore, Clickbank's payment system is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its global user base. Affiliates can choose from multiple payment methods, including direct deposits, wire transfers, and checks, providing the flexibility needed to access their funds from anywhere in the world.

With the added convenience of twice-weekly payments, Clickbank stands out as a platform that not only values the earning potential of its affiliates but also prioritizes their cash flow needs, making it a top choice for those who depend on timely and consistent income streams (source).


On the flip side, CJ Affiliate by Conversant offers a different approach to payment options that caters to a variety of affiliate preferences. With a payment threshold of $50 for direct deposit or $100 for checks, CJ provides a flexible payout structure that aligns with the needs of content publishers and those who may have a more diverse range of promotional activities.

The platform's CPA commission model allows for earnings through sales, clicks, leads, or calls, giving affiliates multiple avenues to monetize their traffic and content (source).

Additionally, CJ's payment system is designed to accommodate the sophisticated requirements of seasoned affiliates. The network's variable transaction costs, which can include a fixed percentage per transaction or a percentage of the sale, reflect the platform's adaptability to different types of affiliate marketing strategies.

This nuanced approach to commissions and payments ensures that affiliates can optimize their earnings based on their specific promotional methods and audience engagement, making CJ a competitive option for those looking to maximize their affiliate marketing revenue (source).

Customer Support


When it comes to customer support, Clickbank distinguishes itself by providing a robust back-office suite that simplifies the complexities of affiliate marketing for digital nomads.

The platform's comprehensive tracking, integrated payment solutions, and tax remittance services are designed to alleviate the administrative burden on affiliates, allowing them to focus on what they do best: promoting products and driving sales.

Clickbank's commitment to serving its clients is evident in the positive testimonials from its vast network of users, who commend the platform for its reliable and efficient support system (source).

Moreover, Clickbank's customer service extends beyond just transactional support. The platform offers educational resources such as a ClickBank for Beginners guide and a free video affiliate course, providing valuable step-by-step instructions for those who want to learn further.

Other Popular Alternatives

Besides Clickbank vs CJ, which alternatives do we have?

There are several alternatives to ClickBank and CJ (Commission Junction) for digital nomads looking to explore different affiliate marketing platforms. Here are some notable alternatives:

  1. ShareASale:
    • ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that connects merchants with affiliates. It offers a wide range of products and services for promotion.
  2. Rakuten Advertising:
    • Formerly known as Rakuten LinkShare, Rakuten Advertising is a global affiliate marketing platform with a diverse set of advertisers and products.
  3. Amazon Associates:
    • Amazon's affiliate program, Amazon Associates, is one of the largest and most well-known. It allows affiliates to promote a vast array of products available on the Amazon marketplace.
  4. FlexOffers:
    • FlexOffers is an affiliate marketing network that provides access to thousands of advertisers and products. It offers a user-friendly interface and diverse commission structures.
  5. JVZoo:
    • JVZoo specializes in digital products and is known for its ease of use. It's a platform that allows affiliates to promote digital goods such as software, e-books, and online courses.
  6. Awin:
    • Awin is a global affiliate marketing network with a wide range of advertisers and publishers. It provides a robust platform with detailed reporting and analytics.
  7. Impact Radius:
    • Impact Radius offers a comprehensive digital marketing platform that includes affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and partnership management.
  8. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction):
    • While included here as a reference, CJ itself can be considered an alternative to ClickBank for digital nomads seeking diversity in affiliate partnerships.
  9. TradeDoubler:
    • TradeDoubler is a European affiliate marketing network with a focus on performance-based marketing and a variety of advertisers.
  10. PeerFly:
    • PeerFly is a Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network that provides a wide range of offers and competitive payouts.

Conclusion FOR Clickbank vs CJ

In conclusion, choosing between ClickBank and CJ for digital nomads depends on various factors, including individual preferences, the nature of the digital nomad's work, and specific marketing needs. ClickBank stands out for its focus on digital products, a wide range of offerings, and a user-friendly platform. It is particularly suitable for affiliates who thrive in the digital product space and seek a straightforward platform for promoting and earning commissions.

On the other hand, CJ (Commission Junction) boasts an extensive network with a diverse array of advertisers, making it a versatile option for digital nomads looking to diversify their affiliate marketing efforts. CJ's strength lies in its partnerships with a wide range of companies, offering opportunities to promote both digital and physical products across various industries.

FAQ on Clickbank vs CJ

  • Is CJ Affiliate trustworthy?CJ Affiliate is the world's largest affiliate network. With over 20 years of experience, CJ Affiliate is the most trusted and established name in affiliate marketing with a track record of consistently driving intelligent growth for our clients.
  • How much do CJ affiliates make?The average CJ Affiliate salary ranges from approximately $54,916 per year for a Client Partnership Associate to $153,134 per year for a Senior Software Engineer. The average CJ Affiliate hourly pay ranges from approximately $61 per hour for a Software Engineer to $61 per hour for a Software Engineer.
  • What are the disadvantages of ClickBank?Cons-It has a large number of affiliates promoting the same products, which can make it difficult to stand out and generate sales. They provide limited information about the products offered, making it difficult for affiliates to make informed decisions about what to promote.
  • Does CJ pay per click?In general, CJ programs may offer commission for clicks, but this is not always the case. Some advertisers may offer commission only for completed actions, such as a sale, lead, or signup, while others may offer commission for both clicks and actions.

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