Albania Digital Nomad Visa: How to apply?

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Albania, with its stunning landscapes and burgeoning infrastructure, is emerging as a vibrant hub for digital nomads seeking a blend of adventure and productivity. The country's recent recognition as the “Caribbean of Europe” has sparked a surge in international interest, particularly among the remote working community.

As the number of visitors arriving by air more than doubles, the Albanian government is beginning to acknowledge the economic potential of this new wave of travelers who are not just passing through but looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and contribute to the economy on a longer-term basis.

With initiatives aimed at integrating digital nomads into the community and improving essential services, Albania is poised to become a premier destination for location-independent professionals.

albania digital nomad visa

Understanding the allure of this hidden Balkan gem, the Albania Digital Nomad Visa represents a strategic move to attract a demographic that is both tech-savvy and eager to explore.

The visa offers a unique opportunity for digital nomads to legally reside and work in a country that promises a low cost of living, rich cultural experiences, and a friendly environment conducive to remote work.

As the government works on enhancing infrastructure and creating engagement opportunities, Albania is steadily positioning itself alongside other established nomadic hotspots, offering a unique Mediterranean lifestyle that's hard to resist.

So, let's dive in and discover why Albania is becoming an attractive destination for digital nomads.

What is the Albania digital nomad visa?

The Albania Digital Nomad Visa is a unique visa category tailor-made for individuals seeking an extended stay while working remotely. If you dream of residing in Albania and working for a foreign company or client from the comfort of this beautiful country, this immigration long-term permit is your ticket to making it happen! 🏞️💼

What is the Albania Digital Nomad Visa?

This long-term visa is part of Albania's Unique Permit scheme, introduced in 2022 to simplify the legal process and encourage digital nomads to choose Albania as their base.

With the ability to apply online through a state-of-the-art system, applicants can secure their stay without the hassle of paperwork, ensuring a smooth transition to their new Mediterranean lifestyle.

Unlike a tourist visa, the Albania Digital Nomad Visa offers a renewable one-year stay, extendable for up to five years, after which permanent residency becomes an option. This visa caters specifically to the needs of digital mobile workers, requiring proof of employment or contracts with foreign entities.

While the visa streamlines the process for long-term stays, it also distinguishes itself from tourist visas by allowing a deeper immersion into the Albanian way of life, providing a stable base for those looking to explore the country's rich history and vibrant culture.

For U.S. and Canadian citizens, the visa offers an extended stay beyond the visa-free period of up to one year, making it an attractive option for those seeking a longer-term European adventure.

With the Albania Digital Nomad Visa, you can fully embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and enjoy the stunning landscapes and rich culture of the Republic of Albania while excelling in your professional endeavors. 🇦🇱✨

digital nomad visa for Albania
The Skanderbeg Monument in Tirana, Albania: It commemorates Skanderbeg, the national hero in Albania for resisting the Ottomans.

Brief information:

  • Which visa should digital nomads apply?: Type D
  • Visa Length: 1 Year
  • Possible to extend?: Yes
  • Who can apply?: Digital Nomads Self-Employed or Employed Abroad
  • Minimum Income Requirements: Estimated $9,800 per year
  • Time for visa applications: 12 weeks

Albania offers generous visa options for tourists, including visa-free entry for citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the EU for up to 90 days.

Other nationals can apply online for tourist visas with swift approval. Citizens of the US and Kosovo can stay for up to a year without a visa and access public services.

The Unique Permit system provides structured visas, including a Type D Long Stay visa for digital mobile workers, with various categories such as self-employed, investors, research, highly qualified employees, and pensioners.

Renewal for up to five years is possible, leading to eligibility for permanent residency.

Albania digital nomad visa

Requirements for the Albania digital nomad visa 🛂

To be eligible for the Albania digital nomad visa, you need to meet certain requirements. These include:

  1. Visa Application Form: Complete the free online visa application form provided on the official system.
  2. Passport-sized Photograph: Provide a recent photograph of yourself with dimensions measuring 47 mm x 36 mm.
  3. Passport Copy: Submit a photocopy of your passport or any other valid travel document.
  4. Employment or Service Contract: Present a valid employment contract with a foreign employer, a service contract with a contractor, or a client agreement, indicating your permission to work with information technology equipment.
  5. Accommodation Proof: Show documentation confirming that you have secured accommodation in Albania.
  6. Professional Activity and Commercial Ability Proof: If applying for a Type D (long-term) visa, present a document demonstrating your professional activity and commercial abilities that align with the motives of your visa application.
  7. Residence Permit: You must possess a residence permit of more than 12 months from your country of residence, with a validity period of at least 3 additional months beyond the required visa duration.
  8. Bank Statement: Provide a full bank statement displaying money transactions in your account over the last 12 months.

Proof of an Albanian Bank Account

You must also provide evidence that you have a bank account from a second tier Albanian bank for the transfer of the salary specified in your contract.

Second tier banks active in Albania include:

  • American Bank of Investment (ABI) – USA
  • Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT)
  • Credins Bank (CB)
  • Fibank – Bulgaria
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Bank – Italy
  • ProCredit Bank – Germany
  • Raiffeisen – Austria
  • OTP Bank – Hungary
  • Tirana Bank
  • Union Bank
  • United Bank of Albania

Benefits of the Albania digital nomad visa

Obtaining the Albania digital nomad visa comes with several benefits that make it an attractive option for remote workers. These include:

Albania digital nomad visa

Remote work-friendly environment

Albania's commitment to creating a remote work-friendly environment is evident in its efforts to streamline the visa application process and cater to the needs of digital nomads.

The Albania Digital Nomad Visa is a testament to the country's understanding of the unique requirements of remote workers. With a focus on providing a stable and supportive base for digital nomads, Albania offers an attractive blend of reliable internet connectivity, a growing number of coworking spaces, and a community that values the contribution of global citizens.

The government's initiative to ease the application process through an online system not only simplifies the transition for nomads but also reflects Albania's progressive approach to embracing the digital revolution.

Moreover, the country's natural beauty, combined with a cost-effective lifestyle, creates an ideal backdrop for productivity and inspiration. The burgeoning digital nomad community in Albania is finding that the balance between work and leisure is easily achievable here, with the added benefit of a rich cultural tapestry to explore.

As the infrastructure continues to improve and the local economy adapts to accommodate the influx of remote professionals, Albania is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for those looking to combine their professional endeavors with an enriching life experience.

Cost of living

One of the most compelling benefits of the Albania Digital Nomad Visa is the remarkably affordable cost of living. Albania's economy is significantly more budget-friendly compared to many Western countries, with living expenses, excluding rent, being approximately 50% cheaper than in the United States.

Rent itself is a fraction of the cost, estimated to be around 80% less than U.S. prices. A digital nomad can live comfortably in Albania with a monthly budget of around USD 500 for expenses, excluding rent, which can range from USD 350 for a small city apartment to USD 460 for a more spacious option in the capital, Tirana.

This financial advantage allows for a comfortable lifestyle without compromising on quality, making Albania an attractive destination for digital nomads looking to maximize their earnings while enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Furthermore, the cost-effective nature of Albania extends to dining and entertainment, with the possibility of enjoying delicious Mediterranean cuisine for less than USD 20 a day.

This affordability, coupled with the country's diverse landscapes and cultural offerings, ensures that digital nomads can experience a high quality of life while keeping their living costs low.

Whether it's renting a city center apartment or indulging in local fare, the financial benefits of the Albania Digital Nomad Visa are undeniable, providing a sustainable and enjoyable living situation for remote workers. For more detailed information on living expenses in Albania, visit Citizen Remote.

Cultural experience

Embracing the Albania Digital Nomad Visa also opens the door to a wealth of cultural experiences that enrich the life of a remote worker. Albania, often described as a hidden gem in Europe, offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

Digital nomads can immerse themselves in the country's rich past, exploring ancient churches, charming coastal towns, and breathtaking mountain landscapes reminiscent of a bygone era.

This cultural immersion is further enhanced by the opportunity to engage with the warm and hospitable local community, providing a deeper understanding of the Albanian way of life and traditions.

The cultural allure of Albania is not just in its historical sites but also in its vibrant day-to-day life. Festivals, music, and art thrive in the cities, offering nomads a chance to participate in local customs and festivities.

The experience of living in Albania is like stepping into a living museum, where every corner tells a story, and every interaction is a chance to learn something new. This cultural richness is an integral part of the appeal for digital nomads seeking more than just a place to work, but a place to grow and be inspired.

For insights into Albania's cultural offerings and expat experiences, one can explore resources like Sifted and BrightTax.

How to apply for the Albania digital nomad visa

 Eligibility and requirements for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa

Income requirements

To be eligible for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency, which is a cornerstone requirement for most digital nomad visas globally.

While specific figures for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa have not been officially announced, it is anticipated that the minimum income requirement will align with the country's pension visa, suggesting a benchmark of at least $9,800 per year.

This figure is intended to ensure that digital nomads can sustain a comfortable lifestyle in Albania without financial strain. Prospective applicants should prepare to provide evidence of their income, such as recent payslips, employment contracts, and bank statements from the past six months, to substantiate their financial stability.

For further details on the income requirements, interested individuals can refer to the official visa portal or consult with immigration experts via platforms like

Moreover, the income threshold must be met through remote work for a foreign employer or through contracts with overseas clients, ensuring that the economic benefits of the visa holder's labor are not competing with the local job market.

This stipulation is part of Albania's strategy to attract global talent while maintaining employment opportunities for its citizens. Digital nomads with families should note that the inclusion of dependents in their visa application may affect the minimum income requirement, although specific details on this aspect remain to be clarified.

For the most current information on income requirements and how they may pertain to families, it is advisable to check the latest updates from official sources or seek professional visa assistance.

Health insurance

Securing comprehensive health insurance is a mandatory step in the application process for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa.

Applicants must provide proof of health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000, valid in Albania for the entire duration of their stay. This requirement is in place to ensure that digital nomads have access to medical care without imposing a burden on the country's healthcare system.

It is also a safeguard against unforeseen medical expenses that can arise during one's stay. Nomads can explore various international insurance providers, such as SafetyWing, to find a plan that meets the visa's criteria and offers peace of mind while living abroad.

Additionally, the health insurance policy must be authenticated for international use with an Apostille, confirming its validity. This step is crucial as it verifies the legitimacy of the insurance for the Albanian authorities.

A clean bill of health is also part of the health assurance process, with applicants required to present a clean criminal record from any country they have resided in over the past five years. These stringent health and safety requirements reflect Albania's commitment to maintaining a secure and responsible digital nomad community.

For a detailed guide on the health insurance requirement and the authentication process, applicants can refer to the official e-visa application site from Albania or consult with legal experts who specialize in immigration matters.

Application process

The application process for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa is streamlined and environmentally conscious, allowing applicants to submit their documents online, thus eliminating paper waste and ensuring secure information handling.

To initiate the application, digital nomads must fill out the visa application form available on the official online system. This form is the first step in a series of procedures designed to verify the applicant's eligibility and compliance with the visa requirements. Once the form is completed, the consulate pre-verifies the application.

If it meets the criteria, a payment fee request is issued; otherwise, applicants may resubmit or face rejection if they do not fulfill the necessary conditions. Following payment, the application enters the “evaluation stage,” and applicants are kept informed via email about the progress of their visa processing.

Upon approval, the Albania Digital Nomad Visa is issued electronically, simplifying the entry process into the Republic of Albania. It's important to note that all supporting documents must be translated into Albanian or English and properly legalized.

The visa's duration is contingent upon the applicant having a residence permit from their country of residence that extends at least three months beyond the visa period.

A full bank statement showing transactions from the last year and evidence of health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 are also required.

For a comprehensive understanding of the application steps and to ensure all documents meet the standards, applicants are encouraged to visit the official e-visa application site or consult with immigration professionals. For more information on the application process and required documents, please refer to

Timeline for your visa application

The new Law 79/2021 “For Foreigners” specifically states that:

Review of the request and issuance of the unique residence permit, when the criteria required by the legislation in force are met, are done within a maximum period of 12 weeks from the day of application. The review of the request by each responsible institution must be done within a maximum period of two weeks. The approval or rejection of the request is notified online.

While 12 weeks represents the maximum deadline for receiving your visa notification, it is currently estimated to take only four to six weeks for visas to be approved.

albania digital nomad visa

Tips for a successful visa application

To increase your chances of a successful application, consider the following tips:

– Ensure all your documents are complete and up-to-date.
– Double-check the requirements and guidelines provided by the Albanian government.
– Be honest and transparent during the application process.
– Prepare for the visa interview by practicing your answers and demonstrating your genuine interest in living and working in Albania.

In the event of a denied Albanian digital nomad visa application, you will receive an email with the legal grounds for the rejection. You can appeal this decision within five days by emailing [email protected].

However, the visa fee is non-refundable in case of denial. Should you decide to reapply after the appeal, a waiting period of three months from the initial rejection date is required.

Additional Information for Albania Digital Nomad Visa Application 🇦🇱

  1. Invitation Letter: If you have been invited by an Albanian Host, you can download the invitation letter from the relevant authority or website.
  2. Visa Fee Payment: Ensure that you pay the visa fee within 15 days of the application submission. Failure to do so may result in your application being considered invalid.
  3. Reapplication: In case your initial application is rejected, you have the option to reapply for the Digital Nomad Visa after three months. However, if you have already exhausted all appeal procedures, you can reapply immediately.
  4. Passport Use: If you hold dual citizenship, it's important to note that the passport you use to enter Albania must be the same passport used for your visa application.

Keep these points in mind while applying for the Albania Digital Nomad Visa. Following the guidelines and ensuring timely payment and correct passport usage will help streamline the process, allowing you to embark on your digital nomad adventure in this enchanting destination.

Living and working as a digital nomad in Albania

 Living and working as a digital nomad in Albania

Accommodation options

When it comes to settling in Albania as a digital nomad, the accommodation options are as diverse as they are affordable. In the heart of Tirana, one can find modern apartments that cater to a range of budgets, with city center flats available for $300-$400 per month if you're willing to commit to a longer lease.

For those who prefer flexibility or are just passing through, hostel beds can start at a mere $5 per night, offering a budget-friendly solution without compromising on the nomadic lifestyle.

It's worth noting that savvy nomads often turn to local Facebook groups or connections to uncover the best deals, and while the country's seasonal nature may affect coastal housing prices, the overall cost remains significantly lower than many Western countries.

For detailed insights into the cost and types of accommodations, digital nomads can consult resources like Adventures with Luda.

However, it's important to keep in mind that Albania's infrastructure is still developing, which means that while you may find a gem of a place to stay, some amenities like consistent Wi-Fi may not always be included. Therefore, it's advisable to inquire about internet connectivity when booking accommodations, especially if you plan to work from home.

For those who prefer a more social work environment, Tirana offers a variety of internet cafes and coworking spaces, such as Oborri Lounge Bar and The Wall, where you can enjoy reliable Wi-Fi and a vibrant atmosphere. For a list of recommended cafes and coworking spaces, digital nomads can refer to Citizen Remote.

Internet and coworking spaces

Albania's digital infrastructure caters well to the needs of digital nomads, with Tirana boasting a selection of coworking spaces like Innospace and Collab, where day passes range from $5 to $10, and monthly memberships are approximately $100 to $150.

These spaces not only provide a professional environment for productivity but also serve as hubs for networking and community building among like-minded individuals. While the internet speed in Albania is generally average, with typical speeds of 19 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, it's advisable to have a backup plan for the occasional power outage.

For those who prefer the ambiance of cafes, options such as Mon Cheri and Corner Cafe offer reliable Wi-Fi and excellent coffee, ensuring that work can continue uninterrupted. More information on coworking spaces and internet cafes can be found at Adventures with Luda.

Despite the occasional infrastructure hiccup, Albania is increasingly accommodating the digital nomad lifestyle. The country's growing number of coworking spaces, particularly in Tirana, reflects a trend towards a more remote work-friendly environment.

Digital nomads can explore the local scene for a suitable workspace, with popular spots like Destil and Dutch Hub offering not just a desk but a chance to immerse in the local digital community. It's important for nomads to consider the availability of amenities like high-speed internet when choosing their work setting, as this can greatly impact productivity and overall experience.

For insights into navigating the digital landscape in Albania, including tips on coworking spaces and internet reliability, digital nomads can turn to resources like Sifted.

Exploring the country

Albania's allure extends beyond its accommodating workspaces, beckoning digital nomads to explore its rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

From the serene Albanian Alps with their rugged peaks and clear waterfalls to the historical charm of Korce's 13th-century bazaar and Ottoman architecture, the country offers a plethora of experiences.

Nomads can set out from Bajram Curri to hike well-marked trails or wander through the cobbled streets of Korce, sipping coffee in venues that narrate Albania's complex history.

The country's increasing popularity among beach-loving nomads and tourists alike is a testament to its diverse attractions, which are detailed in guides like Citizen Remote.

While the infrastructure may present challenges, such as navigating car-clogged cities or bumpy roads in seaside towns, the rewards of discovering Albania's hidden gems are immense. The digital nomad community is growing, and with it, the ease of finding local insights and travel tips.

Whether it's enjoying the sunset over a lake in Tirana or indulging in the affordable luxuries of local cuisine, Albania offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure.

For those considering Albania as their next destination, resources like Sifted provide valuable information on making the most of the nomadic lifestyle in this Mediterranean haven.


ConclusionAlbania, with its potential to become a top digital nomad destination in Europe, presents a compelling mix of affordability, cultural richness, and a burgeoning support network for remote workers.

While the country is still fine-tuning its infrastructure to fully cater to the digital nomad community, the existing coworking spaces, internet cafes, and the promise of a more integrated community experience signal a positive trajectory.

As Albania continues to evolve, addressing issues such as credit card acceptance and transportation reliability, it stands to enhance its appeal and earn a higher rating among the nomadic crowd.

For those willing to navigate its quirks, Albania offers a unique opportunity to blend work and wanderlust in a setting that's ripe with potential.

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle in Albania means engaging with a country that's both charmingly traditional and progressively accommodating. With resources like Adventures with Luda and Sifted providing insights into the local digital nomad scene, the country is gradually laying the groundwork for a thriving remote work culture.

As Albania continues to attract international attention, the development of a digital nomad village could very well be the catalyst that transforms it into a digital nomad utopia, offering a balance of work, culture, and exploration that's hard to resist.



  • Does Albania have a nomad visa?

    Albania Digital Nomad Visa Overview Under Albania's new Unique Permit scheme, digital nomads can apply for a Type D visa to stay in Albania for a year, renewable for up to five years.

  • Is Albania safe for digital nomads?

    While Albania does not offer a specific digital nomad visa, the country's low cost of living, thriving digital ecosystem, and welcoming culture make it an attractive destination for remote workers and digital nomads.

  • What is the tax rate for digital nomads in Albania?

    Tax residency in Albania for digital nomads: tax rates As from 2024 the general personal income tax rate for self-employed individuals amounts to 15% on the first 14 million ALL (around €120.000). If you exceed this threshold, the rate jumps to 23% on the income above.

  • Can a US citizen retire in Albania?

    Can I Become a Permanent Resident in Albania with a Retirement Visa? To become a permanent resident of Albania, you are required to live for five consecutive years in the territory of the country. After five years of uninterrupted residence, you can apply for permanent residency in the Republic of Albania.

Safe travels and best of luck with your application! 🌟🏞️

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