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Norway, with its stunning fjords, northern lights, and vibrant cities, has become an alluring destination for digital nomads seeking to combine work with the adventure of living in a once-in-a-lifetime location.

Recognizing the shift towards remote work, Norway has introduced the Norway Digital Nomad Visa, a program that caters to the growing trend of location-independent professionals.

This visa not only opens the door to the breathtaking landscapes and high quality of life that Norway offers but also provides a unique opportunity for digital nomads to legally reside and work in the country for up to two years.

The Norway Digital Nomad Visa is part of a broader initiative to attract independent contractors and remote workers to the country, offering them a chance to experience the Norwegian way of life while contributing to the local economy.

As the world continues to embrace remote work, Norway's forward-thinking approach ensures that digital nomads can legally enjoy the benefits of this Scandinavian gem without the typical restrictions of short-term tourist visas.

With the help of specialized services like Nomads Embassy, navigating the application process has become more accessible, ensuring that qualified individuals can embark on their Norwegian adventure with confidence.

What is the Norway digital nomad visa?

What is the Norway Digital Nomad Visa?

The Norway Digital Nomad Visa, while not officially labeled as such, is essentially an independent contractor visa that allows self-employed remote workers to live and work in Norway for a period of up to two years.

This visa is particularly tailored for digital nomads who have secured at least one Norwegian client, enabling them to immerse themselves in the local culture and business environment. Unlike typical tourist visas, this program requires applicants to engage with the Norwegian economy directly, including the responsibility to pay local taxes and obtain a VAT number.

Designed to attract foreign entrepreneurs and freelancers, the Norway Digital Nomad Visa is a testament to Norway's commitment to fostering a dynamic and diverse workforce. It stands out as a viable option for those who wish to explore the richness of Norway's offerings while maintaining their global work commitments.

The visa serves as a bridge between the flexibility of remote work and the stability of a long-term stay, providing a unique blend of professional freedom and personal exploration in one of Europe's most picturesque countries.

Benefits of the Norway digital nomad visa

 Benefits of the Norway Digital Nomad Visa

Extended stay in Norway

The Norway Digital Nomad Visa stands out as a remarkable option for remote workers seeking an extended stay in the scenic landscapes of Norway. Unlike the standard tourist visa, which limits visitors to a short 90 days within a 180-day period, the digital nomad visa allows for a substantial stay of up to two years.

This extended duration is a game-changer for digital nomads, as it provides ample time to immerse in the local culture, explore the country's natural beauty, and establish a stable work-life balance in a new environment.

The opportunity to live in Norway for such a period is a significant advantage, offering a sense of stability and the chance to truly call Norway home, albeit temporarily.

Moreover, this extended stay is not just about the length of time spent in Norway but also about the quality of life that comes with it. During their stay, digital nomads can enjoy the high standard of living, access to well-developed infrastructure, and the safety that Norway is known for.

The ability to reside in the country for up to two years without the need for frequent visa renewals or border-hopping is a convenience that simplifies the logistics of living abroad, allowing digital nomads to focus on their work and leisure without the looming pressure of an impending departure date.

Opportunity to work remotely in a beautiful country

Norway Digital Nomad Visa

Embracing the Norway Digital Nomad Visa offers more than just an extended stay; it presents the unique opportunity to work remotely amidst some of the world's most breathtaking landscapes. Norway's stunning natural beauty, from the serene fjords to the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, provides a backdrop that can enhance creativity and productivity for digital nomads.

The country's commitment to preserving its natural environment means that whether you're working from a cozy café in Oslo or a quiet cabin near the ski slopes, you'll be surrounded by pristine beauty that can inspire your work and enrich your downtime.

Furthermore, the ability to work remotely in Norway allows for a harmonious blend of professional and personal life. Digital nomads can take advantage of the well-connected cities and the tranquility of the countryside, ensuring a work environment that suits various preferences.

With the flexibility to choose your setting, whether it's the vibrant city life or the peacefulness of remote areas, the Norway Digital Nomad Visa is your ticket to a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Access to Norway's healthcare and education system

One of the most significant benefits of the Norway Digital Nomad Visa is the access it grants to Norway's esteemed healthcare and education systems. As a digital nomad with this visa, you become entitled to healthcare services on par with local residents, which is a testament to the country's high ranking in the 2021 Legatum Prosperity Index for its health system.

This means that while you work and explore the vast landscapes of Norway, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have access to quality medical care, with costs shared between the state and patient fees. It's advisable for digital nomads to secure comprehensive travel insurance that includes health coverage to ensure complete protection during their stay in Norway.

In addition to healthcare, the Norway Digital Nomad Visa may also open doors to the country's education system, should you decide to extend your knowledge or if you're traveling with family. This access further enhances the appeal of the visa, as it allows for personal growth and development while living in Norway.

The combination of professional flexibility, high-quality healthcare, and educational opportunities makes the Norway Digital Nomad Visa an attractive option for those looking to enrich their lives while working remotely.

Norway Digital Nomad Visa

Eligibility requirements for the Norway digital nomad visa

To be eligible for the Norway digital nomad visa, you must meet certain requirements. These include:

Proof of employment or self-employment

To qualify for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must substantiate their status as independent contractors or self-employed individuals. This involves providing concrete evidence that their business operations are based outside of Norway.

A valid passport and proof of self-employment are fundamental requirements, ensuring that applicants have a legitimate business or remote work arrangement that does not rely on the Norwegian job market.

Additionally, a signed contract with a Norwegian client is necessary, demonstrating a direct contribution to the local economy and adherence to the minimum wage standards for skilled workers.

Applicants must also meet a minimum annual income threshold of €35,719, which is verified through bank statements.

This financial requirement, as outlined by Nomads Embassy, ensures that digital nomads possess the economic stability to support themselves during their stay in Norway. By fulfilling these criteria, remote workers can take the next step in the application process, moving closer to securing their place in Norway's innovative and welcoming environment for digital nomads.

Financial requirements

Norway Digital Nomad Visa

When it comes to the financial prerequisites for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must demonstrate a stable and sufficient income to sustain their stay. Specifically, a minimum yearly income of €35,719 is required, which equates to approximately €2,977 per month.

This financial threshold is designed to ensure that digital nomads can live comfortably in Norway without imposing a burden on the country's social welfare systems. To validate this, applicants are required to present bank statements as proof of their income, as detailed by Nomad Girl.

Meeting these financial requirements is a critical step in demonstrating the viability of one's remote work lifestyle in the context of Norwegian residency.

Moreover, the financial documentation serves as a testament to the applicant's ability to contribute economically to Norway, even as a non-resident worker.

It's important to note that these requirements are not just about meeting a numerical threshold; they reflect the Norwegian government's intention to attract responsible and self-reliant professionals who are capable of thriving in the country's high standard of living.

By ensuring these financial standards are met, Norway continues to uphold its reputation as a prime destination for digital nomads seeking a balance between work and the enjoyment of its high-quality life.

Health insurance coverage

Securing comprehensive health insurance coverage is a pivotal aspect of the eligibility criteria for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa. Applicants must provide proof of medical insurance that is valid in Norway, safeguarding against any unforeseen medical expenses during their stay.

This requirement underscores the importance of being prepared for Norway's healthcare system, which, while excellent, operates with both state and patient contributions.

As per the guidelines from Nurall, it is advisable for digital nomads to invest in quality health insurance that ensures full coverage within the country, thus aligning with Norway's healthcare standards and providing peace of mind throughout the duration of their remote work journey.

By mandating this coverage, Norway ensures that digital nomads can access the same high-caliber medical services as local residents without placing an additional burden on the national healthcare system.

The requirement for health insurance is not only a legal formality but also a practical measure for the well-being of digital nomads, who can then fully immerse themselves in the Norwegian lifestyle and work environment, knowing their health needs are adequately covered.

Criminal record certificate

Another essential requirement for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa is the submission of a criminal record certificate. This document serves as a background check, affirming that the applicant has not been involved in any criminal activities that would pose a risk to public safety or order.

The Norwegian authorities use this certificate to ensure that all incoming digital nomads adhere to the legal and ethical standards upheld within the country. It's a step towards maintaining the secure and trustworthy community that Norway is known for, and it reflects the country's commitment to safety and security.

The criminal record certificate must be recent and may need to be officially translated if not issued in English or a Scandinavian language. This requirement highlights the importance Norway places on community integrity and the personal responsibility of each digital nomad entering the country.

By complying with this prerequisite, applicants demonstrate their respect for Norway's societal values and their readiness to contribute positively to the local environment.

Application process for the Norway digital nomad visa

Norway Digital Nomad Visa

The application process for the Norway digital nomad visa is straightforward and can be completed online. Here are the steps involved:

Online application form

You will need to fill out an online application form, providing personal information, details about your employment or self-employment, and your intended duration of stay in Norway.

Required documents

Along with the application form, you will need to submit certain documents, including proof of employment or self-employment, proof of financial stability, health insurance coverage, and a copy of your valid passport.

Application fee

There is an application fee associated with the Norway digital nomad visa. The fee amount may vary, so make sure to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

Duration and renewal of the Norway digital nomad visa

The Norway digital nomad visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 12 months. After the initial period, you may be eligible to renew the visa for an additional 12 months, provided you continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

Living and working as a digital nomad in Norway

Norway offers an excellent environment for digital nomads, with its high standard of living, stunning natural landscapes, and advanced infrastructure. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Cost of living

Norway is known for its high cost of living, particularly in major cities like Oslo and Bergen. However, the quality of life and the opportunities for outdoor activities and cultural experiences make it worth the investment.

The following table provides an overview of estimated monthly expenses for a single person in Norway. Keep in mind that these are general estimates and can vary depending on the city, lifestyle choices, and individual spending habits.

Expense Category Cost in NOK (Approx.) Cost in USD (Approx.)
Rent (1-bedroom apartment in the city center) 10,000 – 15,000 NOK $1,100 – $1,650
Rent (1-bedroom apartment outside the city center) 7,000 – 12,000 NOK $770 – $1,320
Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) 1,000 – 2,000 NOK $110 – $220
Internet (60 Mbps or more) 400 – 700 NOK $45 – $77
Mobile Phone Plan 300 – 500 NOK $33 – $55
Groceries 3,000 – 5,000 NOK $330 – $550
Dining Out (per meal) 150 – 500 NOK $17 – $55
Public Transportation 800 – 1,200 NOK $88 – $132
Health Insurance 500 – 1,000 NOK $55 – $110
Gym Membership 300 – 500 NOK $33 – $55
Miscellaneous Variable Variable

Total Estimated Monthly Cost: 23,450 – 38,400 NOK ($2,575 – $4,220)

These estimates are indicative, and actual expenses can vary based on factors such as location, lifestyle, and individual choices.

Internet and infrastructure

Norway has a highly developed internet infrastructure, providing reliable and high-speed internet connections throughout the country. You can easily find co-working spaces, cafes, and libraries with internet access to work from.

Co-working spaces and digital nomad communities

Norway has a thriving co-working culture, with numerous co-working spaces available in major cities. These spaces offer a productive work environment and opportunities to connect with other digital nomads and professionals.

Co-Working Space Address
Mesh Norway (Oslo) Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 Oslo, Norway
657 Oslo (Oslo) Fredensborgveien 24D, 0177 Oslo, Norway
WeWork (Oslo) Several locations in Oslo
MESH Bergen (Bergen) Vaskerelvsmauet 4, 5014 Bergen, Norway
Work-Work (Trondheim) Prinsens gate 51, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
SoCentral (Stavanger) Kongsgata 55, 4005 Stavanger, Norway

Exploring Norway as a digital nomad

While working remotely in Norway, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the country's natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here are some highlights:

You can use PlanTrips to plan up your trips in Norway easily and personally!

Outdoor activities

Norway is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including fjords, mountains, and national parks. You can indulge in activities like hiking, skiing, kayaking, and fishing, immersing yourself in the stunning natural surroundings.

Cultural experiences

Norway has a rich cultural heritage, with museums, art galleries, and historical sites to explore. You can visit the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum, or take a stroll through the charming streets of Bergen's Bryggen district.

Traveling within Norway

Norway has an efficient transportation system, making it easy to travel within the country. Whether you want to take a scenic train ride on the Flåm Railway or explore the picturesque Lofoten Islands, there are endless possibilities for exploration.


ConclusionIn conclusion, the Norway Digital Nomad Visa stands as a gateway to a life where work and wanderlust converge, offering a unique blend of professional opportunities and personal enrichment.

By meeting the eligibility criteria and navigating the application process, digital nomads can immerse themselves in Norway's high standard of living, robust healthcare, and educational excellence. Whether you're drawn to the quietude of Svalbard or the dynamic urbanity of Oslo, this visa is your key to experiencing the best of both worlds.

With the support of specialized services like Nomads Embassy, the journey to securing your digital nomad visa can be a seamless transition to your next adventure in the land of the midnight sun.

As Norway continues to rank highly among destinations for digital nomads, the allure of its landscapes, combined with the practical benefits of the visa, make it an irresistible choice for those seeking to redefine their work environment.

If you're ready to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in a country that values nature, innovation, and quality of life, the Norway Digital Nomad Visa could be the perfect fit for your next chapter.



  • Does Norway have digital nomad visa?

    Norway has also entered the growing list of countries that launched the visa program for digital nomads. However, unlike other nations, Norway's digital nomad visa is actually a broader visa, as it allows a lifelong stay once the travelers apply for such visas. The visa is unique as it only applies to Svalbard.

  • Which Nordic countries have digital nomad visa?

    Norway is one of two Nordic countries that allow digital nomads to live in the country, so this is an interesting option to examine, following the European countries' steps like Germany and Spain, which have their Digital Nomad Visas. Norway digital nomad visa allows you to stay for up to two years.

  • How long can a US citizen stay in Norway?

    A visitor's visa allows you to stay in Norway or other Schengen countries for up to 90 days over a period of 180 days. A residence permit gives you the opportunity to work in Norway and to stay for more than 90 days.

  • Which European country is the easiest to get a digital nomad visa?

    Greece's digital nomad visa is known to be one of the easiest to apply for and to obtain. Not only that, it guarantees you free travel around the European Union. Some digital nomads might even get a 50% tax reduction.

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