Digital Nomad Guide to Nairobi (Kenya): Explore Africa In Style!

By Yogi


Introduction to Nairobi as a digital nomad destination

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle in Nairobi is an adventure that combines the allure of African culture with the convenience of modern infrastructure. This bustling city is not just Kenya's capital but also a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, making it an attractive spot for remote workers from around the globe.

With its unique position as both a gateway to the African continent and a city teeming with urban excitement, Nairobi offers a compelling mix of work and play for the discerning digital nomad.

 Introduction to Nairobi as a digital nomad destination

As you settle into the rhythm of life in Nairobi, you'll find that the city's energy is matched by its warm hospitality and the rich tapestry of experiences it offers. From the serene green spaces that dot the urban landscape to the eclectic mix of dining and entertainment options, Nairobi is a city that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Whether you're looking to network with fellow nomads, delve into the local tech scene, or simply enjoy the vibrant street life, Nairobi provides a backdrop that is both inspiring and welcoming to those who choose to call it their temporary home.

Best neighborhoods for digital nomads in Nairobi


Westlands emerges as a premier choice for digital nomads seeking the perfect blend of convenience and lifestyle in Nairobi. This upscale neighborhood is a melting pot of culture, boasting an array of shops, international restaurants, and trendy coffee houses that are ideal for both work and leisure.

With its proximity to several co-working spaces, including the highly-rated Nairobi Garage, Westlands offers a dynamic and supportive environment for digital nomads. The area is also known for its recreational amenities, such as a rock climbing gym, adding to the appeal for those who value a balance between productivity and personal well-being.

Moreover, Westlands is celebrated for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene, providing ample opportunities for digital nomads to unwind after a productive day. The neighborhood's modern infrastructure ensures that you're always connected, with reliable internet access and a variety of accommodation options ranging from chic Airbnbs to co-living spaces.

Westlands not only stands out as a convenient base for your Nairobi adventures but also as a community where creativity and collaboration thrive, making it an ideal locale for digital nomads to network and grow professionally.


digital nomad guide to Nairobi

Transitioning to the equally charming Kilimani, digital nomads will discover a neighborhood that exudes a more laid-back vibe while still offering all the essentials for a seamless remote working experience.

Kilimani is a favorite among expatriates and locals alike, characterized by its tree-lined streets and a mix of modern and traditional Kenyan eateries that provide a taste of the local cuisine. The area is also home to several co-working spaces, such as the serene Ikigai, which is nestled amidst lush gardens, offering a tranquil environment for deep focus and creativity.

Kilimani's strategic location puts it within easy reach of Nairobi's central business district, yet it maintains a sense of calm that's perfect for those who prefer a quieter work setting. The neighborhood's array of amenities, including shopping malls, fitness centers, and art galleries, ensures that digital nomads have access to everything they need.

With its blend of convenience, culture, and community, Kilimani stands as a top-tier choice for digital nomads looking to immerse themselves in Nairobi's vibrant lifestyle while staying productive.


Gigiri, often regarded as one of Nairobi's most prestigious areas, is a sanctuary for digital nomads who prioritize safety, serenity, and proximity to international facilities. Home to the United Nations Environment Programme and a host of foreign embassies, Gigiri offers a unique blend of global influence and local charm.

The neighborhood is dotted with high-end restaurants and cafes, providing perfect spots for both networking with a diverse international community and enjoying moments of solitude with your laptop.

Despite its tranquil ambiance, Gigiri does not compromise on connectivity and convenience for the digital nomad. It boasts reliable internet services and is just a stone's throw away from the Village Market, a large shopping and recreation complex that caters to all your professional and personal needs.

For those who seek a peaceful retreat that still provides access to Nairobi's bustling city life, Gigiri is an unmatched choice, offering a harmonious environment to both live and work.

Co-working spaces in Nairobi

digital nomad guide to Nairobi

Nairobi Garage

Amidst the leafy suburbs of Westlands, Nairobi Garage emerges as a beacon for digital nomads seeking a vibrant and supportive work environment. This co-working space is renowned for its dynamic atmosphere and comprehensive facilities, which include communal desks, boardrooms, and a conference room.

With a robust 150 Mbps wifi connection and a rooftop event space, Nairobi Garage caters to a diverse community of entrepreneurs and remote workers, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Strategically located with branches in Westlands and along Ngong Road, Nairobi Garage provides flexibility and convenience for nomads scattered across the city. The space is not just about work; it's a hub for networking and growth, hosting regular events that connect members with the wider tech and business ecosystem in Nairobi.

Whether you're looking for a hot desk or a private office, Nairobi Garage offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets, making it a top pick for anyone crafting their digital nomad guide to Nairobi.


Following the trail of innovation and community, Ikigai stands out as another gem for digital nomads in Nairobi. Nestled in the lush, serene neighborhoods of Lavington and Westlands, Ikigai is more than just a workspace; it's a wellness-oriented co-working environment that encourages productivity and creativity.

With its aesthetic appeal, combining indoor greenery with tasteful outdoor workspaces, Ikigai offers a tranquil setting that promotes a balanced work-life approach. Members benefit from high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a variety of membership plans tailored to different working styles and schedules.

Ikigai's commitment to fostering a holistic work environment is evident in its additional amenities, which include yoga sessions, wellness workshops, and networking events that contribute to both personal and professional development.

This co-working space attracts a diverse group of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, all looking to thrive in a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere. For those compiling a digital nomad guide to Nairobi, Ikigai is a noteworthy mention for its unique blend of productivity, community, and well-being.

Metta Nairobi

Moving on to Metta Nairobi, this co-working space distinguishes itself as a hub for creative minds and entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of the city, Metta offers a platform for networking and collaboration, making it an essential stop for digital nomads crafting their guide to Nairobi.

With its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Metta Nairobi is not just a place to work; it's a community where ideas intersect and grow. The space provides a variety of membership options, catering to the needs of nomads who require flexibility and a conducive environment for their ventures.

At Metta, digital nomads find themselves immersed in a culture of connectivity and learning, with regular events that include pitch nights, workshops, and industry meetups.

This co-working space prides itself on being a catalyst for business growth and a meeting point for Nairobi's vibrant startup scene. With its strategic location and emphasis on creating meaningful connections, Metta Nairobi is an invaluable resource for any digital nomad looking to network and succeed in the city's bustling entrepreneurial landscape.

Co-Working Space Location Address
Nairobi Garage Multiple Locations Multiple locations across Nairobi
The Mint Hub Westlands 9th Floor, Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue, Nairobi
Ikigai Nairobi Westlands 4th Floor, Caxton House, Lenana Road, Nairobi
The Workable Westlands 7th Floor, 14 Riverside, Riverside Drive, Nairobi
Space Nairobi Kilimani Kirichwa Road, Kilimani, Nairobi
SAB Office Westlands 9th Floor, Delta Corner Tower, Chiromo Road, Nairobi
Regus Nairobi Multiple Locations Multiple locations across Nairobi
Nairobi Garage – Pinetree Kilimani 1st Floor, Pinetree Plaza, Kaburu Drive, Kilimani, Nairobi
Workstyle Africa Riverside Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi
Workable Westlands Soin Arcade, Westlands, Nairobi

Accommodation options for digital nomads

 Co-working spaces in Nairobi

Airbnb rentals

Transitioning from the collaborative workspaces to the comforts of home, Airbnb rentals in Nairobi offer digital nomads a plethora of options to suit their lifestyle and budget. The city's diverse neighborhoods, such as Westlands and Kilimani, feature a range of Airbnb listings that provide more than just a place to stay; they offer a local experience.

With the convenience of furnished apartments, complete with laundry facilities and often a balcony for relaxation, nomads can settle into a routine that mirrors their life back home. The availability of entire apartments at competitive rates, like the one on Muringa Road near essential amenities, makes it easy to share living costs with fellow travelers while enjoying the privacy and space needed for productivity.

Moreover, the standard inclusion of WiFi in these rentals ensures that staying connected is never an issue, allowing for seamless work and communication. Whether opting for a short-term stay or a more extended visit, Airbnb rentals in Nairobi provide the flexibility and comfort that are essential for the modern digital nomad.

With the added benefit of local insights from hosts and the opportunity to live in residential areas, these accommodations are more than just a place to sleep—they're a gateway to understanding and enjoying the vibrant Kenyan capital.

Co-living spaces

For those digital nomads seeking a more communal living experience, Nairobi's co-living spaces are an excellent choice. These shared accommodations are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration among like-minded individuals.

Co-living spaces in Nairobi often come with the added perks of shared workspaces, social events, and communal areas that encourage networking and friendships. They provide a unique blend of privacy and social interaction, perfect for those looking to balance their professional and social lives while exploring the digital nomad guide to Nairobi.

These co-living arrangements are not only cost-effective but also offer the convenience of all-inclusive living, with utilities, cleaning services, and high-speed internet typically covered in the rent. This setup allows digital nomads to focus on their work without the hassle of managing household chores or bills. By choosing a co-living space, nomads can immerse themselves in Nairobi's local culture and connect with fellow travelers and professionals, all while enjoying the comforts of a home-like environment.

Long-term apartment rentals

digital nomad guide to Nairobi

Long-term apartment rentals in Nairobi present an attractive alternative for digital nomads planning an extended stay. These rentals offer the best of both worlds: the privacy and stability of a personal residence with the affordability that comes with longer lease terms. In neighborhoods favored by expats, such as Westlands, Kilimani, and Gigiri, one can find a variety of apartments that cater to different tastes and requirements.

These areas not only provide a secure living environment but also ensure that amenities like gyms, shopping centers, and a selection of restaurants are just a stone's throw away. With most apartments featuring multiple bedrooms, digital nomads can easily team up to share the cost, making the financial aspect of living in Nairobi even more appealing.

Additionally, these long-term rentals often come with essential home comforts, including laundry machines and outdoor spaces for drying clothes, which are particularly beneficial for those looking to settle in for a while.

The convenience of having a fully furnished space, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of splitting rent, makes long-term apartment rentals a smart choice for digital nomads. It's a living arrangement that not only eases the transition into a new city but also provides a stable base from which to explore the digital nomad guide to Nairobi and all its offerings.

Connectivity and internet access in Nairobi

 Connectivity and internet access in Nairobi

When it comes to connectivity and internet access, Nairobi stands out as a hub with reliable broadband services, essential for any digital nomad's guide to Nairobi. The city's average download speed hovers around 8 Mbps, with options to upgrade to speeds exceeding 100 Mbps for those requiring more robust connectivity.

Internet service providers such as Zuku, Safaricom, and Jamii Telecommunications offer a range of packages, with unlimited internet plans ranging from $20 to $100 a month, catering to different data needs and budgets. This ensures that digital nomads can stay connected, whether they're working from their apartment, a local café, or a co-working space.

Despite the general reliability, it's wise for digital nomads to have a backup internet plan, such as a mobile data package, to mitigate any unforeseen connectivity issues. This foresight guarantees uninterrupted productivity, allowing for a seamless blend of work and exploration in Nairobi.

With the city's growing digital infrastructure, nomads can confidently navigate their professional tasks while indulging in the vibrant life that Nairobi has to offer.

Transportation options for getting around Nairobi

 Transportation options for getting around Nairobi


Transitioning to the topic of transportation, matatus offer a quintessential Nairobi experience for digital nomads seeking local immersion. These shared minibuses are an economical choice, typically charging less than a dollar for city destinations.

While they lack a fixed schedule, filling up as passengers come, they provide a true taste of the city's hustle and bustle. For those opting to use matatus, purchasing a local SIM card is recommended. This allows digital nomads to utilize Google Maps for navigation, ensuring they can hop off at the correct stop without hassle.

However, it's important to note that matatus, while budget-friendly, may not always be the fastest option due to their ad-hoc scheduling and the common traffic congestions in Nairobi.

Planning ahead and allowing extra time for travel is advisable, especially during peak hours. Despite these considerations, matatus remain a popular mode of transport among locals and adventurous nomads alike, offering an authentic glimpse into the daily life of Nairobi's residents.

Uber and Taxify

For those seeking a more streamlined and private mode of transportation, ride-hailing services such as Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify) are readily available in Nairobi. These platforms provide a convenient and reliable way to navigate the city, with the added benefit of fare estimates and electronic tracking for safety.

While Uber is a well-known international brand, Bolt offers competitive rates and has a strong local presence. Digital nomads should be aware that drivers may prefer cash payments or mobile money transfers via Mpesa over card payments, as some may cancel rides if non-cash payment methods are used. Ensuring you have a cash or mobile wallet balance before booking a ride can save time and avoid any inconvenience.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of these services is notable, with a typical ride from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to a central neighborhood costing around 900 KES, which is approximately $8 USD.

This affordability, coupled with the ease of use through their respective mobile apps, makes Uber and Bolt an attractive option for digital nomads who value comfort, efficiency, and the ability to plan their journeys with precision.

Whether heading to a meeting in Westlands or exploring the culinary delights of Kilimani, these ride-hailing services ensure that digital nomads can enjoy the dynamic rhythm of Nairobi without the stress of navigating its complex transport system.

Motorcycle taxis (boda bodas)

For a more adventurous and nimble way to traverse Nairobi's streets, motorcycle taxis, locally known as boda bodas, present an exciting alternative. These two-wheeled taxis offer a swift and often thrilling ride, weaving through traffic when cars are at a standstill.

Boda boda drivers are typically found at busy intersections, ready to whisk passengers away at rates cheaper than traditional taxis or ride-hailing services. Digital nomads should exercise caution and opt for a helmeted ride, as safety is paramount. Embracing the boda boda experience allows for an up-close and personal view of Nairobi, providing a unique perspective on the city's vibrant energy.

While boda bodas are a common sight and an integral part of the local transport tapestry, it's essential for digital nomads to negotiate the fare before the journey begins to avoid any misunderstandings. The convenience of boda bodas can't be overstated for short trips or when time is of the essence.

However, for longer distances or when carrying more than a backpack, the comfort and security of an Uber or Bolt may be preferable. Regardless of the choice, each transport option in Nairobi offers a different slice of life in this bustling metropolis, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the digital nomad community.

Local cuisine & where to eat

 Local cuisine & where to eat

Delving into Nairobi's culinary scene is a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors, where traditional Kenyan fare meets a world of international cuisine. The city's food landscape is dotted with eateries serving up the beloved local dish, ugali, alongside succulent nyama choma, a must-try for any food enthusiast.

For those with a penchant for spice, Nairobi's Indian restaurants offer a fiery reprieve from the typically milder Kenyan spices. Digital nomads can easily find a variety of dining options, from street food vendors to upscale restaurants, ensuring that every palate is catered to.

When it comes to dining recommendations, Nairobi does not disappoint. The city boasts a plethora of options where digital nomads can savor local dishes or enjoy the comforts of international cuisine. For an authentic Kenyan dining experience, one might visit a local ‘nyama choma' joint, where the grilled meat is king, often served with a side of ‘ugali' or greens.

  1. Nyama Choma:
    • Where to eat: Carnivore Restaurant is famous for its Nyama Choma, grilled meat, and is a popular spot to experience this Kenyan barbecue specialty.
  2. Ugali with Sukuma Wiki:
    • Where to eat: Try this staple Kenyan dish at local restaurants such as Mama Oliech Restaurant or Kosewe Ranalo Foods.
  3. Mandazi:
    • Where to eat: Street vendors and local bakeries often sell Mandazi, a popular East African fried dough snack. You can find them in various parts of the city.
  4. Mutura:
    • Where to eat: Look for local street food vendors or visit markets like City Market to try Mutura, a Kenyan sausage made from meat and spices.
  5. Githeri:
    • Where to eat: K’Osewe Ranalo Foods is known for serving traditional Kenyan dishes, including Githeri, a hearty mix of boiled maize and beans.
  6. Samosas:
    • Where to eat: Visit local eateries or street vendors for delicious Kenyan samosas. You can find them in markets and busy streets.
  7. Nyama Mama:
    • Where to eat: Nyama Mama offers a contemporary take on traditional Kenyan dishes. The restaurant has multiple locations in Nairobi.
  8. Chapati with Kachumbari:
    • Where to eat: K’Osewe Ranalo Foods or local street vendors often serve Chapati with Kachumbari, a refreshing tomato and onion salsa.
  9. Sukuma Wiki and Ugali:
    • Where to eat: Experience Sukuma Wiki and Ugali at Mama Ashanti, a restaurant known for its diverse African cuisine.
  10. Fish at Mama Oliech Restaurant:
    • Where to eat: Mama Oliech Restaurant is a popular spot to enjoy Kenyan-style fish dishes, including tilapia and Nile perch.
  11. Pilau:
    • Where to eat: Visit Nyama Mama or local Swahili restaurants for a taste of Pilau, a spiced rice dish often served with meat.
  12. Kachumbari:
    • Where to eat: Kachumbari is a common side dish in Kenyan cuisine. You can find it at local eateries and street food stalls.

Alternatively, the vibrant neighborhoods of Westlands and Kilimani are brimming with restaurants offering diverse culinary delights, from Vietnamese to Italian, satisfying the cravings of a global community. Whether it's a quick bite on the go or a leisurely meal in a cozy setting, Nairobi's dining scene is a feast for the senses.

Exploring Nairobi as a digital nomad

 Exploring Nairobi as a digital nomad

Local cafes and restaurants

Delving into Nairobi's culinary scene is a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors, where traditional Kenyan fare meets a world of international cuisine. The city's food landscape is dotted with eateries serving up the beloved local dish, ugali, alongside succulent nyama choma, a must-try for any food enthusiast.

For those with a penchant for spice, Nairobi's Indian restaurants offer a fiery reprieve from the typically milder Kenyan spices. Digital nomads can easily find a variety of dining options, from street food vendors to upscale restaurants, ensuring that every palate is catered to.

When it comes to dining recommendations, Nairobi does not disappoint. The city boasts a plethora of options where digital nomads can savor local dishes or enjoy the comforts of international cuisine. For an authentic Kenyan dining experience, one might visit a local ‘nyama choma' joint, where the grilled meat is king, often served with a side of ‘ugali' or greens.

Alternatively, the vibrant neighborhoods of Westlands and Kilimani are brimming with restaurants offering diverse culinary delights, from Vietnamese to Italian, satisfying the cravings of a global community. Whether it's a quick bite on the go or a leisurely meal in a cozy setting, Nairobi's dining scene is a feast for the senses.

Outdoor activities and weekend getaways

digital nomad guide to Nairobi

After indulging in Nairobi's diverse culinary offerings, digital nomads can embrace the great outdoors with a variety of activities and weekend getaways. Nairobi National Park, a unique wildlife haven on the city's outskirts, offers the chance to spot the Big Five against a backdrop of city skyscrapers.

For a more serene experience, the nearby Ngong Hills provide a tranquil escape with panoramic hiking trails. Those seeking adventure might venture to Hell's Gate National Park, where cycling among zebras and giraffes makes for an unforgettable experience. Nairobi's proximity to these natural wonders makes it easy for digital nomads to balance work with exploration and adventure.

Weekends in Nairobi are an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature. Digital nomads can take short flights to the Maasai Mara for a weekend safari or explore the Rift Valley's lakes, like Naivasha, where boat rides and bird watching are popular activities.

For a taste of local culture, a visit to the traditional Maasai markets offers a colorful array of crafts and textiles. Whether seeking thrilling wildlife encounters or peaceful retreats, Nairobi serves as the perfect launchpad for a myriad of outdoor pursuits that rejuvenate the spirit and inspire creativity.



In conclusion, Nairobi emerges as a compelling hub for digital nomads, blending the allure of African culture with the convenience of modern amenities. The city's vibrant neighborhoods, like Westlands and Kilimani, offer a sense of community and connectivity, while co-working spaces such as Nairobi Garage and Ikigai provide the perfect environment for productivity and collaboration. With a range of accommodation options tailored to nomadic lifestyles, from Airbnb rentals to co-living spaces, settling in is both easy and affordable.

Nairobi's unique position as a city where wildlife roams free just beyond the skyline adds an extraordinary dimension to the digital nomad experience, ensuring that work and leisure are never mutually exclusive. As digital nomads continue to explore the world, Nairobi stands out as a destination that not only meets their professional needs but also enriches their lives with unforgettable experiences.

For those considering Nairobi as their next remote work base, the city promises a lifestyle that is as dynamic as it is rewarding. The ease of internet access and the variety of transportation options, including matatus and ride-hailing services, make navigating the city a breeze. The local cuisine is a delight to explore, and the proximity to natural attractions offers endless opportunities for weekend adventures.

Nairobi's growing digital nomad community is a testament to its appeal, where one can find both the pulse of the city and the tranquility of nature. Embrace the spirit of Nairobi, and you'll find a place where your professional aspirations can soar amidst the rich tapestry of Kenyan culture and the breathtaking landscapes of East Africa.



  • Where do most expats live in Nairobi?

    The best neighborhoods in Nairobi for expats include Parklands, Westlands, Kilimani and Hurlingham, Lavington and Kileleshwa, Lang'ata, Karen, and Runda.

  • Does Kenya have a digital nomad visa?

    While Kenya is popular with digital nomads, there is no specific visa for remote workers. You can get a three-month single-entry tourist visa, or you can get an East Africa Tourist Visa that lets you travel in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for three months.

  • How many days are enough in Nairobi?

    With three days in Nairobi, you can sample urban style and encounter traditional cultures, with time left over for a day trip to one of Kenya's headlining national parks. Get an early start and you can be spotting lions, hiking through the bush, and snapping photos of giraffes by lunchtime.

  • Is Ngara in Nairobi safe?

    If you're planning a trip to Ngara, Nairobi, here are some travel tips to keep in mind: Ngara is a relatively safe neighborhood, but it's still a good idea to take precautions. Keep your valuables hidden and avoid walking alone at night.

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