Must-Have Carry-On Backpacks for Digital Nomads

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Looking for the perfect carry-on backpacks for digital nomads? Look no further! In this buying guide, we'll explore the top options for backpacks that are ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle of a digital nomad.

Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, having the right backpack can make all the difference in staying organized and comfortable while on the move. Let's dive in and find the perfect carry-on backpack for your needs.

Top carry-on backpacks for digital nomads reviews

Our Pick

RDTGO Backpack Expandable Water Resistant Weekender
RDTGO Backpack Expandable Water Resistant Weekender

Cyber Monday Deal$25.59

4.6 (34 ratings)

50+ bought in past month

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This travel backpack is a game-changer for anyone who tends to overpack, offering durability, organization, and expandable capacity. I highly recommend it for hassle-free travel.

Pros Cons
Durable and water-resistant material May be too large for everyday use
Expandable capacity
Wet and dry separation design

This backpack is not only durable and water-resistant, but it also offers innovative features such as wet and dry separation design, multiple pockets for efficient organization, and an expandable capacity from 28L to 40L.

As someone who tends to overpack, I was pleasantly surprised by how much this backpack can hold. The packing cubes helped keep everything organized, and the expandable feature was a game-changer for fitting in all my essentials. The quality exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to use it for my next trip.

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BAGSMART Backpack Expandable Resistant Weekender
BAGSMART Backpack Expandable Resistant Weekender

Cyber Monday Deal$31.99

4.6 (319 ratings)

300+ bought in past month

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This BAGSMART travel backpack is a game-changer for quick trips, offering ample space, organization, and durability. It's my top choice for hassle-free travel.

Pros Cons
Plenty of pockets and space May be too large for everyday use
Durable material and design
Includes laundry and toiletry bags

The BAGSMART travel backpack is designed with the traveler in mind, offering a comfortable airflow back design, expandable capacity, and organized storage for clothes and shoes. It's also airline approved, making it perfect for various travel purposes.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of items I could fit into this backpack, from clothes to electronics and toiletries. The included laundry and toiletry bags were a thoughtful addition, keeping my items organized and separate from the main compartment. The durable material and design gave me confidence that my belongings were secure throughout my trip.

Overall, this backpack exceeded my expectations and made my business trip a breeze. I highly recommend

Our Pick

Bagsure Backpack Approved Expandable Water resistant

This travel backpack is incredibly versatile and practical, making it the perfect companion for any adventure. I highly recommend it for its durability, comfort, and spacious capacity.

Pros Cons
Can hold a lot of things None mentioned
Convenient for traveling
High quality and durable
Comfortable design with cushioned straps
Waterproof and anti-theft features
Spacious capacity with expandable option

This travel backpack is designed for convenience and versatility, with padded handles for easy switching between backpack and suitcase, practical compartments for organization, and a waterproof, anti-theft design. It also offers a comfortable fit with cushioned straps and an expandable capacity for all your travel needs.

This backpack has been a game changer for my travels. It holds a surprising amount of items and the quality is top-notch. The comfortable design and practical compartments make it easy to stay organized on the go. Plus, the waterproof and anti-theft features give me peace of mind while traveling. I highly recommend this backpack to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile travel companion.

Our Pick

Inateck 38 5 46 2L Expandable Splash resistant Compatible
Inateck 38 5 46 2L Expandable Splash resistant Compatible

Cyber Monday Deal$49.57

4.6 (415 ratings)

50+ bought in past month

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This travel backpack is a game changer for maximizing space and weight allowance for carry-on luggage. It's lightweight, spacious, and well-made, making it a top choice for any traveler.

Pros Cons
Ridiculously lightweight Limited color variety
Spacious and well-made Not many pockets for organization
Adjustable chest strap for stability

This travel backpack is not only lightweight and spacious, but it also offers a comfortable suspension design, adjustable chest strap, and multiple compartments for organized packing. It's the perfect combination of functionality and convenience for any traveler.

I was amazed by how much I could fit into this backpack while still meeting carry-on requirements. The adjustable chest strap and breathable mesh back panel made it comfortable to carry, even when fully packed. The lack of excessive pockets was actually a pro for me, as I prefer my own organization method. The sturdy construction and expandable capacity make it a versatile and reliable

Our Pick

Swissdigital Backpack Friendly Overnight protection

This one is my favorite so I let it end this review post without saying further. You'd be surprise with this carry-on backpack for sure.

Size and Capacity

20-30 liters

When it comes to carry-on backpacks for digital nomads, a 20-30 liter capacity is ideal for short trips and minimalistic packers. These backpacks are compact and lightweight, perfect for navigating through crowded airports and fitting into overhead compartments.

30-40 liters

For those who need a bit more space for longer trips or to carry additional gear, a 30-40 liter backpack offers a good balance between size and capacity. These backpacks can accommodate a few days' worth of clothing, a laptop, and other essentials without being too bulky.

40+ liters

Digital nomads who require a larger capacity for extended travel or to carry specialized equipment such as camera gear or outdoor gear will benefit from a 40+ liter backpack. These spacious backpacks provide ample room for all your necessities while still meeting carry-on size restrictions.

Organization and Compartments

Laptop compartment

A dedicated laptop compartment is essential for digital nomads who need to carry their devices securely. Look for a backpack with a well-padded and easy-to-access laptop sleeve that can accommodate your specific laptop size.

Multiple pockets and compartments

Having multiple pockets and compartments makes it easier to stay organized while on the go. Look for backpacks with various sized pockets for storing items like chargers, cables, and small accessories.

External attachment points

External attachment points such as daisy chains, gear loops, and compression straps are useful for securing extra gear like a tripod, sleeping bag, or jacket to the outside of your backpack.

Comfort and Support

Padded shoulder straps

Comfortable, padded shoulder straps are essential for distributing the weight of your backpack evenly and reducing strain on your shoulders.

Adjustable sternum strap and hip belt

An adjustable sternum strap and hip belt help stabilize the backpack and prevent it from shifting while you're on the move, especially during long walks or hikes.

Breathable back panel

A breathable back panel with adequate padding and ventilation channels helps keep you cool and comfortable, even when carrying your backpack for extended periods.

Material and Durability


Nylon is a popular choice for carry-on backpacks due to its durability, water resistance, and lightweight properties.


Polyester is another common material used in backpack construction, offering good durability and resistance to abrasions and tears.

Water-resistant and weatherproof features

Look for backpacks with water-resistant coatings, sealed seams, and weatherproof zippers to protect your belongings from the elements.

Security Features

Lockable zippers

Lockable zippers provide an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to your backpack's contents.

RFID-blocking pockets

Backpacks with RFID-blocking pockets help protect your passport, credit cards, and other sensitive information from electronic theft.

Hidden pockets

Hidden pockets are great for stashing valuables such as cash, travel documents, or a smartphone out of sight and reach of potential thieves.

Conclusion on carry-on backpacks for digital nomads

When choosing a carry-on backpack for digital nomad, consider the size and capacity, organization and compartments, comfort and support, material and durability, and security features that best suit your travel needs.

Finding the right balance of these features will ensure that your backpack enhances your travel experience and keeps your belongings safe and organized.

FAQ on carry-on backpacks for digital nomads

  • What is a nomad backpack?

    The Nomad is a classically styled, durable and waterproof backpack that embraces spontaneity.

  • Is Nomatic a good brand?

    Bottom line. Hands down, Nomatic is the better product here, and to say that it's a traveler's dream would be an understatement. If you can afford the Nomatic, which is admittedly expensive, it's well worth the purchase and will last you for many vacations to come — especially because of its lifetime warranty.

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