Brazil Digital Nomad Visa: Work and Wander in Paradise

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With the rise of remote work, Brazil has become an enticing destination for digital nomads seeking to merge professional endeavors with an exploration of rich culture and diverse landscapes.

Recognizing this trend, Brazil introduced a specialized Brazil digital nomad visa in early 2022, catering to the needs of those who wish to work remotely while enjoying the country's vibrant lifestyle.

This visa not only facilitates a longer stay for digital nomads but also contributes to the local economy, which is particularly beneficial as the nation recovers from the travel and tourism downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The allure of Brazil's colorful cities, serene beaches, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in its dynamic culture while working remotely has made the Brazil digital nomad visa a sought-after option for many.

At Digital Nomad Site, we provide comprehensive assistance to applicants, ensuring they meet the eligibility requirements, such as the necessary proof of income and health insurance, and guiding them through the application process.

Our tailored content and services aim to streamline the journey towards securing a digital nomad visa, allowing our clients to focus on the vibrant Brazilian experience that awaits them.

What is the Brazil digital nomad visa?

What is the Brazil digital nomad visa?

The Brazil digital nomad visa is a temporary residence permit designed for the modern remote worker. It allows individuals who are employed by companies outside of Brazil, or who are self-employed, to live and work remotely from the picturesque landscapes of Brazil for up to one year, with the possibility of extending for an additional year.

This innovative visa program, which began in January 2022, is a response to the growing trend of digital nomadism and aims to attract a new wave of professionals seeking to combine their digital lifestyle with the unique experiences offered by Brazil's rich culture and natural beauty.

Unlike other visas, the Brazil digital nomad visa does not lead to permanent residency, but it does provide a legal framework for digital nomads to reside in the country while contributing to the economy through their international work.

Applicants can initiate the process through the Brazilian consulate in their home country or, if already in Brazil on a tourist visa, apply before their current visa expires to avoid penalties.

Once approved, visa holders are required to register with the Brazilian Federal Police to obtain their residence card, which is the key to their new, adventurous life in Brazil.

Benefits of the Brazil digital nomad visa

 Benefits of the Brazil digital nomad visa

Long-term stay in Brazil

The Brazil digital nomad visa is a game-changer for those seeking an extended stay in the vibrant and culturally rich environment of Brazil. Unlike traditional tourist or business visas that limit visitors to short-term stays, this specialized visa grants a one-year residence, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year.

This extended period allows digital nomads to fully immerse themselves in the Brazilian way of life, from its world-renowned carnivals to the tranquil beauty of its beaches, without the pressure of frequent visa renewals or the need to exit the country periodically (source).

Moreover, the Brazil digital nomad visa provides the flexibility to enter and leave the country as desired, offering a seamless blend of work and leisure. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who wish to explore Brazil's diverse regions, from the Amazon rainforest to the bustling streets of São Paulo, while maintaining their professional commitments.

The ability to stay longer also means more opportunities to connect with local communities, learn Portuguese, and establish a more stable routine, enhancing the overall experience of living and working remotely in Brazil (source).

Ability to work remotely

The Brazil digital nomad visa offers the quintessential benefit for modern remote workers: the ability to work from anywhere within the country's borders.

This flexibility is a cornerstone of the digital nomad lifestyle, allowing individuals to choose their ideal work environment, be it a beachfront café in Rio de Janeiro or a quiet retreat in the mountains.

With a reliable internet infrastructure boasting speeds of up to 172.2MBps, digital nomads can ensure productivity is maintained while enjoying the scenic backdrops and cultural vibrancy that Brazil has to offer (source).

Furthermore, the visa caters to a wide range of professions, from content writers and data analysts to digital marketers and freelance translators, ensuring that professionals from various fields can capitalize on the opportunity to work remotely in Brazil.

This adaptability not only enriches the individual's work-life balance but also contributes to Brazil's growing reputation as a hub for the digital nomad community, attracting global talent and fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and cultures (source).

Access to Brazil's culture and lifestyle

Securing the Brazil digital nomad visa is your ticket to experiencing the country's rich tapestry of cultural offerings. Digital nomads can savor the unique blend of indigenous, African, and European influences that shape Brazil's vibrant festivals, music, and traditions.

The visa's long-term stay provision means there's ample time to participate in iconic events like the Carnival, indulge in the diverse culinary landscape, and engage with the warm and welcoming Brazilian communities.

This cultural immersion is not just a perk but a transformative aspect of the digital nomad experience in Brazil, allowing for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nation's heritage and contemporary lifestyle.

Additionally, the visa affords the chance to explore Brazil's natural splendor, from its sun-kissed beaches to the lush Amazonian rainforests. Nomads can integrate work with exploration, finding inspiration in the country's scenic beauty and mild climate.

Whether it's a weekend getaway to the Iguaçu Falls or a sunset work session overlooking the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, the Brazil digital nomad visa facilitates a lifestyle that harmoniously blends productivity with the pursuit of adventure and cultural enrichment.

Eligibility requirements for the Brazil digital nomad visa

To be eligible for the Brazil digital nomad visa, you must meet certain requirements. These include:

 Eligibility requirements for the Brazil digital nomad visa

Proof of income

One of the cornerstone requirements for the Brazil digital nomad visa is the demonstration of stable financial means. Applicants must provide evidence of a consistent income, with a minimum monthly requirement of $1,500 USD or a bank deposit of at least $18,000 USD, as stipulated by the Brazilian authorities.

This financial threshold ensures that digital nomads can sustain themselves during their stay without impacting the local job market.

For those who cannot provide monthly income proof, a bank statement reflecting the required balance is an acceptable alternative, offering flexibility to applicants with varying financial arrangements.

It's important to note that the proof of income must originate from outside Brazil, affirming that the applicant's work does not compete with the local labor market. This can be verified through an employment contract, proof of self-employment, or other relevant documents that confirm the applicant's ability to work remotely for a non-Brazilian entity.

These documents, often accompanied by bank statements showcasing income for the last three months, must be submitted to the Brazilian consulate as part of the visa application process.

By meeting these financial requirements, digital nomads can take a significant step towards securing their stay in Brazil and embracing the digital nomad lifestyle amidst its captivating surroundings.

Health insurance

Securing comprehensive health insurance is a mandatory step in meeting the eligibility requirements for the Brazil digital nomad visa. Applicants must have valid private medical insurance that provides coverage throughout their stay in Brazil.

This requirement is not only a visa condition but also a practical necessity, ensuring that digital nomads have access to healthcare services without placing a burden on the Brazilian healthcare system.

The policy should be valid for the duration of the visa and must be presented along with other documentation during the application process.

By maintaining adequate health insurance, digital nomads can enjoy their Brazilian adventure with the peace of mind that they are protected in case of medical emergencies.

The health insurance policy must be comprehensive and applicable within Brazil, as it is a critical component of the visa application.

It's advisable for applicants to carefully review their insurance plans to ensure they meet the Brazilian government's standards. In some cases, additional documentation, such as a letter from the insurance provider detailing the coverage, may be required to substantiate the policy's validity in Brazil.

This attention to detail in securing the right health insurance not only facilitates a smoother visa application process but also underscores the importance of health and safety for those looking to explore Brazil's vibrant culture and landscapes as a digital nomad.

Background check

As part of the due diligence process, a thorough background check is essential for securing the Brazil digital nomad visa. Applicants must provide a criminal record certificate from their country of residence, which should be apostilled to verify its authenticity.

This step is crucial in demonstrating the applicant's good standing and ensuring they pose no threat to public safety. The background check serves as a reassurance to Brazilian authorities that the individuals entering their country are responsible and law-abiding citizens, aligning with the visa's intent to attract reputable remote workers.

The requirement for an apostilled criminal record highlights the importance of transparency and legal compliance in the application process. It's imperative that applicants begin this process well in advance, as obtaining an apostilled document can be time-consuming.

Once acquired, the criminal record certificate, along with the other required documents, must be submitted to the Brazilian consulate.

This comprehensive background check is a testament to Brazil's commitment to maintaining a secure environment while opening its doors to the global digital nomad community.

Application process for the Brazil digital nomad visa

Brazil digital nomad visa

Required documents

Compiling the necessary paperwork is a pivotal step in the application process for the Brazil digital nomad visa.

Applicants must gather a valid passport with at least two blank pages for the visa stamp, a duly filled digital nomad visa application form available on the Brazilian government's website, and a recent color photo against a white background.

Additionally, a birth certificate apostilled by the relevant authorities in the applicant's country is required. These documents form the foundation of a successful application, ensuring that all legal criteria are met and providing Brazilian officials with the necessary information to process the visa request.

Further documentation includes an apostilled criminal record from the applicant's country of residence, proof of income through an employment contract or bank statements, and a comprehensive health insurance policy covering the stay in Brazil.

It's essential to present evidence of remote work arrangements, confirming that the applicant is not employed by a Brazilian company.

Each document plays a crucial role in establishing the applicant's eligibility and readiness to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle in Brazil.

For a seamless application experience, it is recommended to review the complete list of requirements and prepare all documents in advance before visiting the nearest Brazilian consulate to submit the application (source).

Visa fees

Understanding the financial aspect of the application is crucial, and visa fees are an integral part of the budgeting process for potential digital nomads. The application fee for the Brazil digital nomad visa is generally $100, but this can vary depending on the consulate or embassy where the application is submitted.

In addition to the application fee, a consular fee of €120 is applicable for nationals of most countries, payable only after the required documentation has been received and checked by the Consular Section.

When applying from abroad, the total visa fee is typically less than USD 300, while applying within Brazil may cost less than USD 50.

Applicants should also account for additional costs such as criminal record issuance, apostille services, sworn translations for birth certificates, health insurance, and potential courier fees if applying from within Brazil.

These costs can add up, so it's advisable to prepare financially to ensure a smooth application process. By understanding the fee structure and associated costs, digital nomads can plan accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses on their journey to working remotely in Brazil (source).

Processing time

Once all the required documents and fees have been submitted, the processing time for the Brazil digital nomad visa typically ranges from two to four weeks. However, this timeframe can vary depending on the specific embassy or consulate handling the application.

The Brazilian Department of Justice generally takes around 30 days to review and make a decision on the application. It's important for applicants to be prepared for potential delays, as additional documentation may be requested, extending the processing period further.

Staying informed about the current processing times and maintaining communication with the consulate can help manage expectations and plan for a successful transition to digital nomad life in Brazil (source).

Applicants should also be aware that the Consular Section does not offer express or emergency visa services, emphasizing the importance of timely submission and patience throughout the process.

After the application is approved, digital nomads must register with the Brazilian Federal Police within 90 days of entry to receive a temporary foreign residence card, which is a mandatory identification document during their stay

. By understanding the processing timeline and post-arrival requirements, digital nomads can effectively navigate the application process and embark on their Brazilian adventure with confidence (source).

Attend an interview (if required)

In some cases, you may be required to attend an interview at the Brazilian consulate or embassy in your home country. This is to further assess your eligibility for the digital nomad visa.

Duration and renewal of the Brazil digital nomad visa

Initial visa duration

The initial duration of the Brazil digital nomad visa is typically up to one year. This allows you to live and work in Brazil for an extended period of time without the need to constantly renew your visa.

Renewal process

If you wish to extend your stay in Brazil beyond the initial visa duration, you can apply for a renewal. The renewal process may require you to provide updated documents and pay a renewal fee. It's important to start the renewal process well in advance to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any gaps in your legal status.

Living and working as a digital nomad in Brazil

Cost of living

The cost of living in Brazil can vary depending on the city and region. Generally, major cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro tend to be more expensive, while smaller cities and towns offer a more affordable lifestyle. It's important to research and plan your budget accordingly to ensure a comfortable stay.

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and costs can vary significantly depending on the location and personal spending habits.

Expense Category Cost in BRL (Approx.) Cost in USD (Approx.)
Rent (1-bedroom apartment in the city center) R$1,500 – R$3,000 $280 – $560
Rent (1-bedroom apartment outside the city center) R$800 – R$1,500 $150 – $280
Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage) R$200 – R$400 $37 – $75
Internet (60 Mbps or more) R$80 – R$150 $15 – $28
Mobile Phone Plan R$30 – R$80 $6 – $15
Groceries R$500 – R$800 $94 – $150
Dining Out R$20 – R$80 per meal $4 – $15 per meal
Public Transportation R$150 – R$300 $28 – $56
Health Insurance R$100 – R$500 $19 – $94
Gym Membership R$50 – R$150 $9 – $28
Miscellaneous R$200 – R$500 $37 – $94

Total Estimated Monthly Cost: R$3,560 – R$7,340 (Approximately $665 – $1,375)

Internet and infrastructure

Brazil has a well-developed infrastructure and reliable internet connectivity in most urban areas. However, it's always a good idea to check the internet speed and reliability of your chosen accommodation before settling in.

Popular digital nomad destinations in Brazil

Brazil offers a wide range of destinations that are popular among digital nomads. Some of the top choices include Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, São Paulo, Salvador, and Porto Alegre. Each city has its own unique charm and attractions, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Brazil digital nomad visa


The Brazil digital nomad visa opens up a world of opportunities for remote workers and freelancers looking to experience the beauty and culture of Brazil.

With the ability to legally work remotely, access to healthcare and social benefits, and the chance to immerse yourself in Brazilian lifestyle, this visa offers an exciting adventure for digital nomads.

Make sure to check the eligibility requirements, follow the application process, and prepare for an incredible journey as a digital nomad in Brazil.

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